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New 40 feet reefer refrigerated container
The 40 foot new reefer container or also called 12m reefer refrigerated container , is widely used for the activity of storing fresh produce. The 40 ′ refrigerated container works with a 380V outlet. It comes equipped with machinery operating with a temperature range from + 25 ° C to -25 ° C.
All our Reefer refrigerated containers are delivered with a CSC Véritas certificate and a valid PTI test (refrigeration unit test).
We work with Carrier, Thermoking, Daikin and Starcool engines.
Technical specifications.
Interior dimensions
-Length: 11,583 mm
-Width: 2294 mm
-Height: 2,569 mm
-Interior height (up to loading limit): 2,469 mm
External dimensions
-Length: 12 192 mm
-Width: 2438 mm
-Height: 2,896 mm
Door dimensions
-Width: 2292 mm
-Height: 2,562 mm
Temperature: -25 to 25 ° C
-R134 A
-R442 on request
Structure: CORTEN and INOX
Management by a Daikin, Thermoking or Carrier console
Storage of up to 23 Euro pallets
Double leaf opening on one of the exterior faces
Doors open at 270 °
Additional information
-Max load: 29 350 kgs
-Weight empty: 4,650 kgs
-Max weight: 34,000 kgs
-Usable interior volume (up to maximum ventilation line): 65.60 m3
* Dimensions and weight may vary depending on the container manufacturer
New 6 feet storage container
The 6 feet storage containers with valid CSC plate are equipped with ISO corners and forklift pockets for handling. The used 6-foot storage containers are completely overhauled, watertight and airtight. With its small footprint, the 6-foot container finds its place!
Technical specifications.
Interior dimensions:
- Length: 1800 mm - Width: 1860 mm - Height: 1730 mm
External dimensions:
- Length: 1980 mm - Width: 1950 mm - Height: 1910 mm
Door dimensions:
- Width: 1,800 mm - Height: 1,650 mm
Structure: CORTEN fully welded
Floor: OSB 22 mm / Marine plywood 21 mm / Steel floor 3 + 1 mm
Doors open at 270 °.
Further information:
-Max load: 2,000 kg -Weight empty: 570 kg -Max weight: 2,050 kg -Fork passage: 950mm