About us

1- Our company.

Prcontainers is an international company, headquartered in the United Kingdom, born from the desire to create a young and dynamic company with values fully recognized by our teams, our customers and suppliers who are innovation, team spirit, advice, responsiveness and commitment. In order to develop a company that fits into the 21st century, our company does not only focus on the race for growth and profit, but must also be involved in the energy transition and sustainable development in order to ensure sustainability. of our structure in a constantly changing world.

We breathe new life into end-of-life shipping containers that have traveled around the world several times. The possibilities for using second-hand containers are numerous and vary from simple storage, to cold storage, transport or more complete use of fitted containers. We meet the specifications of our customers with equipment that respects the environment.

Our quality, price and environment policy is recognized by our customers. We are getting lots of positive feedback.

Today we are one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

2- Our mission

Prcontainers is a company that delivers very high quality containers to its customers around the world through its head office based in London and its network of warehouses across Great Britain, Europe and the North America.

Helping our customers lead active lives is at the heart of our mission.

3- Our Promise

We take customer experience very seriously. That is why we are developing innovations in order to meet the requirements of our customers better and better. Our employees around the world bring the network of our distribution centers to life on a daily basis. Our sales network combines teamwork, the latest technologies and the ability to innovate in order to satisfy our customers.