Container accessories

Do you need additional products for your container?
We offer a wide range of accessories such as padlocks, crutches, shelters, etc ...
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Container castor kit
Move your maritime container, storage container or refrigerated container easily thanks to the wheel kit removable skids specially designed for container. Kit including 4 wheels.
Technical sheet:
A smooth surface is recommended.
-Set of 4 swivel wheels equipped with a twistlock on the top
-Load capacity of 1500 kg / per wheel
-Rotate up to 180 degrees
-Diameter of the wheel 150 mm
-Total weight per wheel 22 kg
-Vulcollan / polyurethane coating for more durability and less vibration
2000 mm heavy load access ramps
Unload your maritime, storage or refrigerated container easily thanks to the removable heavy load access ramp specially designed for heavy loads: up to 4000 kg.
Technical sheet:
-Aluminum ramp 2000 X 2000 mm
-Delivered with user manual and certificate of conformity
-Max load: 4000 kg
-With fork passage for movement
Container support crutches 180 degrees
Simplify your logistics with a simple and economical solution: the Container support crutches 180 degrees.
Technical sheets:
Set including 4 Crutches (not sold individually)
-Custom made to support containers up to 45 ′
-Lightweight and durable design
-Innovative magnetic clamp design
-1 only person required for the operation
-Opening the doors at 270 °
-Standard version capable of supporting up to 30 tonnes
-Only 24 kilograms per unit
-Patented design